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My three day Deep Detox Juice Cleanse


Give your liver and digestive system a well-earned break, while at the same time flushing your body through with super nutritious juices that give your cells a massive health kick. And all this without even switching the cooker on. Sounds great right?

Yeah, I think so too, but nevertheless I’ve never done a Juice Cleanse so far.

People who know me, know that I LOVE my food! Drinking only juices for three days? I guess, I always was afraid that I might starve 😀 and not be able to finish it.

All the same, I’m a big smoothie lover and knew, from experience, staying on Smoothies for a day is no problem, so maybe doing it with Juices might be ok too?!

After travelling through Asia for three months, where my sugar intake just automatically increased like crazy, I felt ready for it and wanted to give it a go to get back a balance of flora in my belly.

I decided to do the Deep Detox Cleanse with Superjuices: Six Juices a day sounded good for me. Plus, it’s a low fructose Cleanse, which was important for me.

Another Pro is, that it includes the ‘Activated Charcoal’ Juice. Charcoal helps to remove unwanted toxins from your gut! It’s a detoxifying agent and immune booster.


So I was really looking forward to it and couldn’t wait to start.

Even though I thought the detoxing process might go well and cool on me, as I stick to a 90% vegan diet and eat heaps of greens, I still wouldn’t say it was easy.

On the first day I got a little headache, I would hazard due to the toxins leaving my body and being treated for a coffee addiction (jap, you got me there) plus the sugar. I can’t help it, I have a sweet tooth 🙂 and I also LOVE fruits. So being cut off any sugar, also the fructose, was remarkable difficult.

Throughout the three day detox I never got this ‘energy high’ you hear people talk about.

In the mornings I woke up fresh and full of power, but then in the afternoons my energy dropped and I felt bit depleted.

Nevertheless I was able to do low intensity Training like Yoga, easy paced Jogs or Swimming. Though during the workouts themselves I never had the felt a drop in my energy levels. Strangely enough…

I also have to admit that over the days, especially in the evening, I had strange cravings for things I normally wouldn't eat come to my mind, but I didn’t really feel hungry. It surprised me as well, that 6 juices a day really bring you comfortably through the day.



Another really funny and positive aspect was, that I had much more time left in my day.

Breakfast in Bed? No problem served within few seconds and no mess to clean afterwards. No thoughts about what to eat for Dinner or when to squeeze in some shopping.

It was the third day in the afternoon or even the fourth day in the morning where it clicked for me. I started to feel light and flushed through (sorry is this too much information, haha). I saw how my skin was clearing up, and I had this feeling of wanting to keep going.

My Calorie Intake over the three days was 620 cal (2596 kJ) per day, which is way less than I would consume on any other given day, especially when  I consider doing a Training Sessions. So for me personally three days was long enough.

In saying that, the Juices Cleanse definitely helped me be get aware again of what I am actually eating. The deep detox cleanse, has motivated me to actively avoid harmful foods and inspired me to stick on the healthy track even after I was finished.


The following days I started easy, with another Juice and some light lunch and dinner with lots of Greens.

I really like this healthy, light feeling afterwards and will give it another go soon for sure!

Have you ever done a Juices Cleanse? How did it go?

Would you like to try a detox juice cleanse as well?

I have some great news for you!: : Superjuices (Perth WA) is offering 20% off their 2 days & above Cleanses until end of Feb. Simply Email info@superjuices.com.au for more details.

You won’t regret it! Trust MeMI 😉

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