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Yoga for tight Neck and Shoulders



The fact that Yoga is so much more than only a nice stretch is probably pretty well known. Denying though, that you can get the world best stretch out of your Yoga practice would be just equally silly.

Orange is the new black, healthy the new sexy, kindness is the new cool (hallelujah) and back pain is (unfortunately) the new widespread issue.

Too much desk work, too much hunching over phones, too much stress and grinding teeth... But complaining here doesn’t really help either, so I thought I would show you some Asanas to release the unwanted symptoms of these instead.

Upward Facing dog - Urdhva Mukha Svanasana


This chest opening Asana is a great 'antidote' to “office slump,” we free our lunges and open our hearts. Roll your shoulders back and down and twist your upper arms so the biceps faces the front and the triceps the back- thinking of this is sometimes easier, than thinking of an external rotation from yours shoulders. Press the tailbone toward the pubis and lift the pubis toward the navel. Narrow the hip points Firmly, but don't harden the buttocks.

Hold for 8 Breaths and then slowly release.

Extended Puppy Pose- Uttana Shishosana


Absolute heaven for the spine. Elongate your spine and open through your front shoulders - be mindful with you lower back, We compensate tight shoulders with our lower back to achieve deepness in this Asana. Leave your ego at front of the door, lengthen through your lower back and let your heart sing through this new created space. Hold for 12 Breaths and then slowly release.


A beautiful variation of this posture is to place your arms on a rail or armrest or something similar, aligned with your shoulders. Same thing with your lower back, try to open through your shoulders and chest without letting go of the engagement through your core. If you find your hamstrings are really tight, bend your knees and allow your back to fall into a natural position, it should feel similar to Cow Pose.

Eagle Arms - Garudasana Arms


Creating this knot in your arms is actually the best and most soothing stretch for the back of your shoulders. Play here with the height of your elbows and feel how it changes your stretch. At any time try to pull your ears away from your shoulders and to stay retracted through your shoulder blades, never forgetting about our favorite part BREATHHHH.

Do both sides, holding for 8 Breaths and then slowly release.

Toe Squat with Ksepana Mudra


Loop your shoulders back and down, interlace your fingers behind your back and press your index fingers together and let go of all the tension you’re holding in your body, as you pull your ribs together and down. Sitting on your heals and tucking the toes under the bottom of your feet will assist in opening your complete backside fascial chain; your neck is part of this, so win win.

Hold for 12 Breaths and then slowly release.

You can do this Asanas just as it is in a lunch break, at the desk or integrate them into your own flow; and I hope they help to make you feel better and let you grow.







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