About me

Whether a bignner, advanced or professional athlete. Whether prevention, weight reduction or increase in performance. I'll help you to reach your goals.

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Hi! My name is Miriam Frieser-Mimi I’m originally from Munich – Germany and moved 2016 to Perth- Australia.

I'm a passionate Fitness Coach,  whose key component in life has always been sport and the never ending search for new sports and things.

The feeling sport gives me, not only the training itself, but also the comfort you find  in the sport community, and the fact that sport also connects us on a different  level, is something I never ever want to lose in my life… something I feel  that everyone should experience.

In 2005 I studied sports Science and graduated in 2008 as a certified Sports Scientist at the University of Munich.

In addition to my studies I educated myself further in the areas of Functional Training and Bodyweight Training.

I then furthered my learning through the running of an ‘In-Company’ Gym, 50%  as a Trainer and 50% as the Assistant Manager. With this experience, I decided to found my own Personal Training Company ‘Goforfit’.

My main reasoning for founding ‘Goforfit, was my wanting to work with clients on a much more personal basis than was possible with a public or commercial gym. I wanted to be able to pick someone up where he or she needed to be and get the most out of the training.

'Goforfit’s Philosophy  at its very essence is, that you can train anywhere, anytime. You won’t need any gym membership, I’ll come to your place, or we meet up wherever is convenient for the you. I bring all required equipment and motivation to help you reach your goals most efficiently and effectively.'

In 2011 I finished my Pilates Teacher Training. Even though I love the benefits of Pilates, for me, it only scratched the surface of the BodyMind connection, and  I found myself practicing more and more Yoga and also integrating more  Yoga Elements into my Pilates classes.

So in 2015, I decided to do my Yoga Teacher Training in Indonesia, not only to be able to teach and spread the good vibes, but also to deepen my own practice.  I did a 200hr training with the Indonesian Guru Made Sumantra in Ubud- Bali.

In 2013 Nike asked me if I wanted to be part of their Trainer Team, which was a Dream come true for me. Nike is not only a Brand, its stand for a certain lifestyle I myself live by.

It does not matter what your choice of sport is. Whether Strength Training, Yoga, Running, Pilates or whatever it is that gets you moving, at ‘Goforfit’  it all comes together to help  you to be the best version of yourself! That’s my Philosophy.

Come and Train with me